Spinlondon brings together those dedicated to improve the state of software and systems engineering. It places people in contact with a network of expertise within their community. There is no better or more practical forum for the interchange of ideas and information.

Shane McGraw


The went really well! People seemed to really enjoy Ole’s talk. The venue at CULC was wonderful.
Genevieve Boast

Resilience Training

The discussion on BUSINESS EXCELLENCE & INNOVATION which was conducted by Spinlondon Network on August 1st, 2013 was very informative and the highlighting fact of the discussion is having a diversified group with people from different backgrounds like Software technology, Quality Assurance, Manufacturing and University students. This has brought in different perspective of discussion about SCAMPI and Metrics in various fields and also has helped in building network with people from different domains .Thank you for conducting this event.

Karthikeyan Natarajan

SPIN London provides a platform for individuals interested in all areas of software improvement and process analysis to discuss and debate current affairs within the industry. The group extends itself far beyond a technical forum through providing events that seek to challenge its members on issues such as emotional intelligence and ethical behaviour. SPIN London therefore not only provides an opportunity to network but also to develop on a personal level through becoming more aware of the wider impact of software and process improvement.

Carel Venter

Very well managed – introduction to speakers, anecdotes and chairing of Q&A

Peter Flower

Trinity Management

Thanks for inviting me to the London SPIN conference yesterday. It was a very informative and interactive session and also helpful to network with the world leaders in their respective fields and get the latest updates. For me the take-away was the new SCAMP-M appraisal method and also I found the session by Peter very realistic, useful and to the point. Having attended numerous sessions and a practioner on CMMI, right from the SW-CMM and CBA-IPI days, it was the best talk I have ever heard on CMMI. Please do continue to organise such sessions in the future and invite me as well.

Melvin Gladwin

I would very much like to thank you and Kavita and the rest or your team for all the efforts you put in. I’d also like to thank our team of Lauren, Richard, Alex and Dave for their help. It seemed to work incredibly well and the informal feedback I have received is overwhelmingly positive. It certainly met our hopes in that we made a number of useful industry contacts as well as stimulating some interest in our EA course. We look forward to working with SpinLondon again in the future.

Gill Windall

principal lecturaer, greenwich university

Spinlondon provides a fantastic community and resource for those interested in software and systems process improvement. It enables members to network with like-minded professionals, to be able to keep up to date with the latest developments and best practice in this space and seek pragmatic advice and guidance in both business and technical issues.

Alec McCutcheon


This is the best seminar I have attended as speakers were very focussed and excellent. Topics were relevant to my work.

Turu Manjunath

Om Consultancy

Just a short note to thank you, Alec, and everyone else for an excellent meeting on Tuesday . It was one of those occasions that succeeded in combining a fun atmosphere with some serious learning. I’m glad I went. On top of that, I am even gladder to have won the raffle! I’ve been listening to the Fabio Tedde CD and have found his piano music immensely soothing. Many thanks.

Stephen Hilsum

Trident Capella

I’ve been coming to these sessions since the beginning – must say have got a variety in terms of the way the presentations/sessions have gone on and the way community is growing. I am glad to be a part of the community. Thanks, Vinay, Kavita and Alec for driving this.

Atul Ganatra

PMP, Glaxo Smith-Kline