Meet Our Team

Let us introduce you to our team members who work very hard

to bring you these events, conferences, workshops, symposiums

and trainings.

Kavita Gulati

Kavita Gulati

Director – Operations – SpinLondon Network Ltd.

She holds a bachelors degree from Mumbai Univeristy and has been associated with many organizations in different capacities like World Health Organization, India (WHO), National Health Service (NHS), in UK, Sensient Pharmaceutical Technologies in USA. Kavita is involved in charitable organizations like Girls Scouts, Delaware, New Jersey and Leo Club, Mumbai. Kavita has participated in several charitable projects including fund raising, organizing events, coordinating and raising membership and building awareness.
Satya Minhas

Satya Minhas

Non-Executive Director

A true professionalism in Internal Audit, Risk Management, Customer Services, Compliance, Assurance and Corporate Governance. Plays a leading role in membership services and community partnership. Senior Accountant in the Commonwealth Asia Centre Chandigarh.

Bhawna Goyal

Bhawna Goyal

Team Member

Possess around 2+ years of experience in Software Testing and DevOps.

Experience in DevOps tooling and automation using Jenkins and GIT repository.

Experience in Continuous Integration Systems.

Pradeep Shukla

Pradeep Shukla

Director - Education

An reputed and highly experienced independent consultant who has designed, developed and implemented multiple Pega-BPM and Pega-CRM application across Organizations.
Highly specialized in Component Development, Implementation Governance, Design patterns – Auditing and Technical Negotiation to bridge gap between Business and IT. Has Performed various role at Individual and team level from Design / Development / Implementation to Project Delivery.

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