Events – 19th April 2018 (evening event)


Presenter: Steve Woods

Presenter: Steve Woods

An IT Performance Improvement specialist who has helped major organizations such as Transport for London, Royal Sun Alliance, BT Global Services, Marks and Spencer, Legal and General and Citibank achieve a step change in their delivery and project management capability. Results orientated PMO and Change Management leader with global exposure and an impressive track record of rapidly improving organizations capability and effectiveness.


PMO Best Practice and tools – 

The event will include presentations on:

  • How the PMO of a major Insurance Company implemented best practice as defined by P3O and CMMI for Development and Service to make a step change in the capability of the PMO and the IT Programmes and Projects.
  • How a tool can be used to support the adoption of best practice and implementation of a required methodology on a Regulated Programme. This session will also include a demonstration of the latest version of the PRIMED Tool.



Presenter: Deepinder

Presenter: Deepinder

Deepinder (Deep) is a Principal Consultant for Security Assurance with Verizon Enterprise Solutions in the Security Consulting and Advisory Services. He has worked with many of the worlds’ largest organisations across numerous industries, and, over his twenty-year business career has held leadership positions in FTSE 500 companies, including Xerox and Airbus.


Could Artificial Intelligence replace Humans?

 Artificial Intelligence, Fourth Paradigm or Next Industrial Revolution. People are talking about how the fourth paradigm or industrial revolution is going to radically transform the world.

Dr. Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk have even warned about the danger of Artificial intelligence reaching “a point of Singularity”. Becoming much intelligent than humans. Taking over the world, rule the world or at worse wipe out the human race.

In this presentation Deep will try to tackle a very complex subject of AI. He hopes to leave you with a high level understanding of AI, growth in the capability and use of AI; and what future may hold.

Followed by a group discussion and Q&A Session – plus drinks and snacks. This is a free event but registration is required. To register your interest, please send email to