Counter Terrorism – A Workshop

How to protect yourself before, during and after a Terror Attack

General public and businesses are serious victims of any Terror Attack, but they have a very minimal exposure on how to Counter Terrorism. 
The aim of this workshop is to empower you with the relevant knowledge to deal with real life scenarios and protect yourself and your organizations before, during and after any Terror Attack.

Managing Counter Terrorism

Date: 15th May 2019
Time: 2pm – 6pm BST
Location: London, UK


Topics Covered

  • Terrorism-Past, Present & Future Trends
  • Terrorism-Aim, Causes, Characteristics
  • Managing Threat Levels.
  • Manage Bomb Evacuation.
  • Hijack – How to React.
  • Counter-Terrorism Grooming.
  • Counter Cyber Terrorism
  • Observation Techniques.
  • Hostage Techniques
  • Survival Techniques
  • Managing Disaster


To register your interest, please contact us. Further details will be provided upon registration.