Past Events

Overview of past events in 2014

6 June 2014 (1/2 day Conference)

“2014 Innovation Conference – Technology as an Enabler of Tomorrow”

Keynote Address – Paul Nielsen, Director, SEI, USA

Topic: “How Cloud is changing the IT industry right now (and the impact on IT careers)
Guest Speaker – Ian Moyse is Sales Director at Cloud CRM vendor Workbooks

Topic – An structured invention approach using the “Theory of Inventive problem solving” for the development of an “Vario-Panthograph” within Bombardier Transportation.
Guest Speaker – Thomas Nagel, Director, Six Sigma and Design for Six Sigma at Bombardier, Germany, Owner, Engineous,

Topic – “Customer Xperience Through WinWork Feel – An Innovative Approach”
Guest Speaker – Mr Kaushik Narsimhan, KPMG

Topic – “New Technology, Changing Business Models and Digital Privacy”
Guest Speaker – Dr. Sunila Lobo, Research Fellow, Design Innovation Research Centre School of Construction Management & Engineering, University of Reading.

Topic: “Quantifying Innovation: How to quantify innovation objectives, and innovation strategy/architecture power”
Guest Speaker – Tom Gilb,Independent Teacher, Consultant and Writer, UK

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5 June 2014 (1-day Conference)

Venue: Wobourn House Conference Centre, London WCIH

“2014 Insider Threat Workshop – Change in Paradigm – From Paranoia to Protection”

Keynote Address – Paul Nielsen, Director, SEI, USA

Topic: “Insider Threat: Lessons learnt from actual incidents”
Guest Speaker – Mr. Randy Trzeciak, Technical Manager – Software Engineering Institute, CERT, USA

Topic – “Visual Analytics for Corporate Insider Threat Detection”
Guest Speaker – Dr. Eamonn Maguire, Researcher at the Oxford e-Research Centre, University of Oxford

Topic – “Security Architecture and Design in defending against insider threats to large complex corporate systems”
Guest Speaker – Mr. David Spinks, Operational Risk Management , HP Enterprise Services, UK

Topic – “The Legal and Privacy Aspects of Insider Threat Mitigation”
Guest Speaker – Mr. Stewart Room; President, National Association of Data Protection Officers and Director, The Cyber Security Challenge UK

Topic: “Insider Threat Mitigation: A Law Enforcement Perspective”
Guest Speaker – Mr. James Gee, US Secret Service, UK

Topic: “Strategies for mitigating Insider Threats”
Guest Speaker – Mr. Randy Trzeciak – Software Engineering Institute, CERT, USA

Topic: “The Human Element of Insider Threat: Initial Findings from a Longitudinal Study”
Guest Speaker – Prof. Monica Whitty, University of Leicester

Topic: “How Hackers use OSINT to target”
Guest Speaker – Professor John Walker, Director of CSIRT & Cyber Forensics, Integral Security Xssurance Ltd.

Topic: “The Insider Threat – A Behavioral Perspective”
Guest Speaker – Mr. Bill Windle, Strategic and Operational Adviser on People Risk at PA Consulting Group, London, UK

VDO – Summer Fowler, SEI, USA

4 FEBRUARY 2014 

Venue: Coventry University London Campus, East India House, 109-117 Middlesex St, London E1 7JF

Social Media Training

The LinkedIn Training covered the following key areas:

  • How to develop the right strategy

  • How to build the right profile

  • How to network, find and engage the key contacts

Attendees gained knowledge about:

  • A super fast track guide to using LinkedIn for consulting

  • A solid foundation for all business online networking activities

  • A new and supper efficient way to find and engage key business contacts

  • Quick and easy to implement actions that will instantly make a big difference. 

Trainer – Adam Petford – UK’s leading LinkedIn trainers, having run 100s of workshops and programs in the UK & the USA.