Past Events

Overview of our events in 2013

1 OCTOBER 2013

“How to sustain a high level of performance in both corporate and personal life”

(Half-day Resilience Training)

The session was hosted by Founder Ole Hoeyer from Energy Excellence who shared the insight on how you as a leader could increase resilience and capacity in all aspects of your life. 



This event was organized as part of the professional skill building program aimed for students who were ready to enter the job market or become entrepreneurs. They aim was to equip students with tools and techniques to allow them to gain and communicate the range of employability skills and behaviours that make them stand out. Students got an opportunity to visit professional service companies and manufacturing facilities (such as Accenture, Deloitte, Jaguar Land Rover, Reed Smith, Frankfurt Boerse, London Business School, Cass Business School).

01 AUGUST 2013


Title: Upcoming new SCAMPI method and our experience with it’s pilot Service Management and CMMI Journey at Accenture Netherlands. What is SCAMPI-M?

Guest Speakers:
Paulien Vonk, Systems Analyst at Accenture, Amsterdam Area, Netherlands,
Paul Van Den Heuvel, Senior Manager at Accenture, Amsterdam Area, Netherlands,
Vinay Gulati, Senior Manager, Accenture (UK). 

Title: “Measures of Success: The role of metrics in shaping behaviour patterns.”
Guest Speaker – Sue Rule, Director of Marketing, DCG-SMS 

Title: “Why are you doing this?”
Guest Speaker- Peter Leeson

11 JULY 2013

“Emerging Challenges of Information Security and Mobile Devices”


Title: “TTo BYOD or Not To BYOD – Legal Considerations”
Guest Speaker – Victoria Mann & Simon Cloke, Eversheds

Title: “BYO Risks and Benefits, an Antiquated Balancing Act”
Guest Speaker – Nader Henein, Regional Director of the Advisory Division Blackberry

Title: “Implementation & Experience of Use”

Dragan Pendic, Chief Security Architect, Global Information Management & Security, Diageo
Geraint Price, Information Security Group, Royal Holloway College, University of London.
Linda Demetriou, Demco Communications
Nader Henein, Regional Director of the Advisory Division Blackberry

Title: “BYOD and Unified Communications”
Guest Speaker – Linda Demetriou, Demco Communications

Title: “Skills and Professionalism”
Guest Speaker – Amanda Finch, General Manager, The Institute of Information Security Professionals

Title: “The trade-off between security and usability (Mobile apps)”
Guest Speaker – David Hunt, Director, DCH Technology Services

Title: The CERT Oracle Secure Coding Standard for Java
Guest Speaker – Fred Long, Senior Lecturer, Department of Computer Science, Aberystwyth University

23 APRIL 2013



Guest Speakers

Bob Paton, Managing Director of Accenture

Jan Alcoe, Background in psychology, health and social care

Martina Watts, Practising Nutritional Therapist

Dr David Peters, Professor of Integrated Health Care/Clinical Director and one of the founding faculty of the University of Westminster

Therese Poon, Qigong teacher

Jane Corbett, Oxford University, International leadership development consultant, speaker, tutor, facilitator and coach

Ms. Pranita Salunke, Occupational Therapist (Member of British Association of Occupational Therapists), Special interest in Preventive Cardiology and Yoga Trainer

Aman Sood, Managing Director – TMotions Global Limited

Rachel McGuinness The Chief Resilience Officer –