Past Events

Overview of past events in 2012

29 November 2012

Venue: Barclays Bank, 1 Churchill Place, London E14 5HP

Personal Strategy Seminar How to become better influencers and
more effective at making change happen

Guest Speaker – Viren Lall
Viren is Director of Technology & Management Practice. He is Secretary of the Benefit Management Special interest Group (BM SIG) of the Association of Project Managers (APM)

28 November 2012

CMMI Forum – UK

Guest Speakers:

Barry Nee, Chief Information Officer at Care UK

Patrick OToole, Principal Consultant at PACT and Owner, PACT, UK

Prasanth, Director – KPMG, Bangalore, India


Venue: Accenture, 30 Fenchurch Street, London EC3M 3BD

Presentation: “Cloud Security”
Presenter: Ian Moyse, Sales Director at, a Cloud CRM Vendor

Presentation: “Security considerations when adopting SaaS (Software as a service) Cloud offerings”
Presenter: Anish Mohammed, Manager, Accenture Security Practice

Presentation: “Big Data and future of cloud security”
PresenterKawser Hamid, Lead Policy Officer-Policy Delivery Commissioner’s Office

Presentation: Data Protection in Cloud Computing
Presenter: Deepinder S. Chhabra, Principal Consultant (GRC), Verizon Enterprise Solutions

Presentation: Cloud Security – Risk Based Approach
Presenter: Gurbir Singh, Information Security Specialist Fujitsu Services 

14 JUNE 2012


“Setting the Scene” – Keiran Doyle

‘Keynote: Latest developments and news from SEI – Eileen Forrester

“CMMI related Topic” – Trinity Management Team – Peter Flower

“Is CMMI Dead” – Talk by Peter Leeson

“A Case Study – Synergy between agile (Scrum) and CMMI” – Clifford Shelley

“How productivity improvements are benchmarked to show case tangible benefits for large transformational programs.”- Bharathi Vasantakrishna

“Moderated Panel Discussion: CMMI Current State and Future Trends” –  Several Panelists


15 MAY 2012


“Quantitative Methods and Risk Management” – Tom Gilb

‘Requirements and Risks – Cohabitating, Divorced or a deep meaningful relationship” – Dr. Simon Wright

“Truthful estimation reduces risk” – Gavin Martin

“Is CMMI Dead” – Talk by Peter Leeson 

23 APRIL 2012

Cyber Security – A Paradigm Change 

Keynote Speech
Paul Nielsen, CEO and Director SEI Anthony Robinson, Senior Executive Accenture

Perspectives and case studies by:

– Lorna Anderson, Global Scheme Manager at BSi
– Darren Mundy, Head of the School of Arts and New Media at University of Hull Scarborough Campus
– Michaela Farkasovska, UKI Emergency & Security Planning Lead at Accenture 

– Simon Schofield, Senior Manager at Detica
– Timothy Wansbrough, EMEA Alliance Solutions Manager at ArcSight



23 FEBRUARY 2012



Introduction and analysis of recent executive compensation issues.
Jeremy Glover, Head of Executive Compensation, Partner at Reed Smith LLP (Moderator)

Panel Discussion by:
Yogesh Chauhan, BBC’s Chief Adviser on Corporate Responsibility & Environment
Mark Wakefield, Corporate Citizenship and Corporate Affairs Manager, IBM UK,
Benita Matofska, Founder, “The People Who Share”
Professor Roger Steare FRSA, The Corporate Philosopher
Michael Skrein, CSR Partner at Reed Smith LLP
Dr May Seitanidi, Senior Lecturer, Hull University

06 JANUARY 2012

Venue: Maritime Greenwich Campus | the University of Greenwich

Enterprise Architecture Workshop 2012 (1-day event)

Guest speakers:

Patrick Kirwan, Operations Manager at Carnegie Mellon University’s Software Engineering Institute in Europe.
Bruce McNaughton, Process-Aide
Trevor Lea-Cox, Lea-Cox and Associates
David Hunt, Lloyds TSB
Gill Windall – Principal Lecturer in Software Engineering at the University of Greenwich

Interactive Session where participants  engaged in breakout group discussion
Moderator –Richard Johnson -Senior Lecturer at University of Greenwich