Overview of our events in 2011

21 NOVEMBER 2011

“Youth Leadership Driving Innovation”

What is changing in our societies around the world?

CEOs in the emerging and developing world are developing innovative strategies incorporating these social trends.

We are finding that the real society and world changers are ideas that engage and empower the collective in the communities.  These new trends are creating shifts in leadership and we are calling it “Socially Brilliant Leadership”.

11 OCTOBER 2011

“Ethics in the Workplace” Panel Discussion Event

The diverse panel consisted of representatives from Reed Smith, Diverse Ethics, Institute of Business Ethics, Accenture and Centre for Social Brilliance and a very participative and enthusiastic audience.

This event provided an opportunity to discuss the relevance of ethics in the modern professions. We examined various aspects of Ethics in the workplace from its meaning and history, through to the different forms that it now presents itself in modern society, and why they are still needed.


“Estimation: A Paradigm Shift Toward Dynamic Design-to Cost and Radical Management”

Volume 13 Issue 2 of SQP journal – the March 2011 version.

Software Quality Professional, USA The American Society for Quality (ASQ)

By Tom Gilb

Without under-playing the difficulties involved in implementing OPP and QPM, it is important to do so in a systematic manner – focusing on the PM’s needs at all times

One can’t implement a model by just adopting a plethora of techniques – without keeping sight of the overall story.

By Rajiv Nag, KPMG, India 

27 JULY 2011

“How to thrive in these challenging times?”

Achieving Business Goals through CMMI High Maturity Practices : What are the benefits of CMMI high maturity practices? – Jamie Mata Iriondo

What is the next wave of CMMI? – Peter Leeson

How Microsoft Desktop technologies are transforming the way we work? – Rishi Sapra

28 JUNE 2011

“Diet, Us and the Environment” – Panel Discussion

This event, hosted by Accenture, marked the launch of the International Corporate Vegetarian Association (ICVA) in the city of London. It brought together representatives from over 30 global organisations operating in the UK, for a lively evening of discussions around topics like corporate responsibility, psychology, sustainability and nutrition.

  • Chair – Yogesh Chauhan, BBC Chief Advisor for Corporate Responsibility & Chair of the Corporate Responsibility Group (CSG).
  • Max Tomlinson: Voted in UK’s Top 10 health practitioner by The Guardian, and Daily Mail. Features on Channel 4, Vogue,      Elle and Marie Claire magazines.
  • Dr Chetna Kang: Psychiatrist, regular guest on BBC radio.
  • Anthony Kleanthous: Senior Policy Adviser, WWF Sustainable Business and Economics, adviser to UK Governments              Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

04 MAY 2011

“Dealing with the costs of IPR” – Dai Davis, Solicitor and Chartered Engineer, Partner, Brooke North LLP

VALUE IN INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY – Dr Simon Kremer, Partner, Mewburn Ellis LLP

14 APRIL 2011

  • An introduction to best practice standards for resilience – Lorraine King, Product Marketing Manager, BSI

  • Black Swans and Dragon Kings:do we experience a few more before our time is up? – Raju Chinthalapati, Greenwich University
  • Measuring Service Continuity, CERT®Resilience Management Model – Lisa Young, CERT Resilient Enterprise Management Team and Jay Douglass, Software Engineering Institute.
  • CMMI & Security, Kieran Doyle, Excellence in Measurement Technology.
  • Resilence when doing business in high growth and emerging markets – Sanmit Ahuja

17 FEBRUARY 2011

Venue: Accenture, 1 Plantation Place, 30 Fenchurch Street, London, EC3M 3BD

Corporate Social Responsibility: From Doing Good to Being Socially Brilliant
A Next Generation Network

The CSR landscape in the UK has been through different phases and companies have engaged in various CSR activities ranging from social investment in charities and volunteering to developing products and services aligned with a social ethos. Many innovative initiatives have taken place with companies like Vodafone who have an award winning CSR agenda to Innocent that have embedded the social ethos in their business practices, especially in the area of product development and strategic decision making.

This event aimed to define and clarify the term CSR and understand the reality of CSR in India. It seeked to compare CSR practices in the UK and India with a view to drawing out best practices. These best practices should then were shared with young people in order to encourage the next generation of business leaders to incorporate CSR in their businesses as they explore opportunities in the UK India corridor.

20 JANUARY 2011

Using Metrics to Express Stakeholder Value, Lindsey Brodie, Middlesex University

“Software industry performance:improving its measurement” – Charles Symons, President, The Common Software Measurement International Consortium