Past Events 

Overview of our events in 2010

22 NOVEMBER 2010

Venue: Balls Brothers Minster Court, Mincing Lane, London EC3R 7PP

"The Role of Application Analytics in Software Engineering’s Fourth Wave"
By: Dr Bill Curtis (SVP & Chief Scientist: Cast Software)

This talk focussed on one contributor to the Fourth Wave, application analytics--the ability to use detailed data on the structural quality of an IT application to improve its non-functional quality. It presented the results of a state-of-the-industry analysis of on IT application quality recently completed with colleagues at CAST. It reviewed the results of analyzing violations of good coding and architectural practice for 288 business applications from 75 companies comprised of 108 million lines of code.


21 OCTOBER 2010

Venue: 1 Churchill Place, Canary Wharf, London E14 5HP

"Delighting the Customer - How to remain competitive in a challenging market"

Model of Organizational Evolution - Bob Marshall, Transformational Leadership, Falling Blossoms

Measuring ROI for Process Improvement –Industry Results - Jay Douglass, International Business Manager -SEI

CMMI for Services Implementation - Jeroen Steltenpool, Quality Assurance and Process Improvement Manager -Accenture Netherlands. 




Venue: 30,Fenchurch Street, London, EC3M 3BD

"WORKSHOP - Emotional Intelligence at Work"

Understanding and Mastering Emotions

  • What is emotion and where does emotion come from
  • What exactly is emotional intelligence
  • Ability to recognise and understanding our own and other people's emotions
  • The role of emotions and feelings in decision-making
  • How to manage one's internal states, impulses and resources
  • How to control disruptive emotions
  • The three families of emotion
  • Why we become emotionally over sensitive

Mike George - best selling author, management tutor/trainer and inspirational speaker.

19 AUGUST 2010

Venue: 30,Fenchurch Street, London, EC3M 3BD


WHAT: Key Points:

  • Why ethical wisdom is required?
  • What do we mean by being ethical?
  • What is the difference between ethical and legal?
  • History of ethics in business or profession
  • Reasons behind unethical attitude or choices
  • A panorama of unethical business decisions from some major fields and their effects on the global community.

21 JULY 2010

Venue: Ground Floor, 15, Risborough Street, Southwark SE1 8NJ

"Agility in People, Business Services and Outcome"

Board of Directors: Where are you Heading? - Dr Agnieszka Herdan
Dr Agnieszka Herdan is a Senior Lecturer, University of Greenwich

Attitude: Shaping Mental Latitude - Renu Verma

How will Agile practices enable people to do what is right and by doing so create value for the business? - Joseph Bacher, Radtech

14 JUNE 2010

Venue: 1, St. Paul’s Chuchyard, London EC4M 8SH

In Association with UK India Business Council (

"Agile Social Networking"

The UK Technology Club is a 'no agenda, no speeches’ meeting place for the leaders of technology companies. It aims to bring together technology-driven companies with business interests in UK and India as well as those hoping to build their business across this very active business corridor.


20 MAY 2010

Venue: Grosvenor Hotel (Bessborough Suite), 101 Buckingham Palace Road; London SW1W 0SJ

Data Integrity, Sharing and Security: Benefits and Constraints - Barry Tuckwood, Chief Moderator, CP Exams at Information Systems Examination Board I

Is the issue of security and compliance a black art? - Bharathi Vasanthakrishna

Standards - How they can raise profitability - Charles Critchley, Director of Acuity Group.


27 APRIL 2010

Venue: Kensington Close Hotel, Wrights Lane, Kensington, London W8 5SP

  • Stakeholder Value
  • Managing the Agile Process
  • Delivering Business Results

25 MARCH 2010

Venue: Progressive Training and Development Ltd., Southwark

TMMI – How is the industry doing?
Geoff Thompson, TMMi Foundation & Experimentus

Inspections - The Magic Bullet No-One Wants To Fire
Clifford Shelley, Chris Gerrard, Marilyn Bush

28 FEBRUARY 2010

Venue: BAE Systems, Sterling Square, 6 Carlton Gardens, SW1Y 5AD

Making Processes Stick: A Guide to effective process deployment
Adrian Harston, Trinity’s Senior CMMI Instructor

Communication and Culture Change – Roger Gamage, CPIS Ltd. and Jill Pritchet, JFP Consulting

28 January 2010

Venue: BAE Systems, Sterling Square, 6 Carlton Gardens, SW1Y 5AD

The CMMI, Innovation and Creativity: A Lost Promise?
Marilyn Bush, SEI Lead Appraiser

CMMI for Services: Results, Opportunities, and Plans
Eileen Forrester, the SEI Program Manager for the CMMI for Services

Three Themes of CMMI for Acquisition: Partnership, Accountability & Oversight – Adrian Harston, Trinity’s Senior CMMI Instructor.